On Lee Kuan Yew's comments on Burma

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This commentary just caught my attention , sharing same view with me. Like he commented, we all should more pressure to Singapore to value humanitarian ground. We should raise our hand for those of our country fellows who could not even lift their hands.


Friday , October 5 , 2007
On Lee Kuan Yew's comments on Burma
Posted by zawhtooaung@yahoo.com , Reader : 78 , 20:42:18

I have always respected Mr Lee Kuan Yew for his wisdom, vision and outspoken nature even though I could not agree some of his opinion sometimes.

He is right in his today's comment that "unstable Burma is a time-bomb in the region".

In fact, Burma has been a time bomb for many years itself. ASEAN and its neighbors need to help to stabilize this country and its people based on the facts.

Burma is a resources rich country. Democratic and developed peaceful new Burma will bring all the business opportunities for ASEAN its neighbors as well as regional stability..

Another important fact is that the regime is trying to start their nuclear research program with the help from Russia. Currently, there are hundreds of military officers studying in Russia under different subjects. It is absolutely true as some of them are my close friends. From eye witness of another army officer friend, even some north Korean are in Burma to work for some military projects.

Singapore is one of the key countries for regime’s survival. Singapore can do a lot more on Burma similar to China and the rest of ASEAN members. There are many bank accounts of military generals and their business associates under different names in Singapore. They have their own expensive properties in Singapore. Some of their children are studying and enjoying and partying social life in Singapore when many unfortunate young children at the same ages are at detention center and beaten to death while poorly living inside Burma.

Singapore is also one of the most important gate way for military generals, their relatives and business associates. They also come to Singapore for their medical treatments. Some military related business deal with other third countries are done bypass from Singapore. Singapore government can shut down all these regime's linked business, assets and financial supports if they really want to.

However, it's always debatable that sanction, business embargo and isolation are effective process to make a change in Burma though.

It is no doubt that, every neighbors of Burma including Singapore, can do more for democratic, economic and social reform in Burma and helping people of this country.

If the action from UN and its neighbors are too slow, junta will continue to use its harsh punishing methods to control the country stability. After this protest and because of the world pressure, the punishments to its own people may be even harder then before. As a Burmese, i can feel the situation even though i may be living thousands mile away from Burma. General Than Shwe will still give orders to arrest, torture and kill innocents suffering people as business as usual unless effective external ACTION to stop these things.

Having lived in Singapore for almost 7 years, I have somehow experienced way of life and value of the country. Singapore government’s Business first attitude will be put to the test in humanitarian ground for the Burma and its people this time around.

Diplomatic words and strong statements from world leaders alone will never resolve the problems in Burma. We need genuine help from ASEAN and its other neighbors.

Burma needs concrete resolution, strong and effective action from UN and its neighbors.

The innocent lives of millions of people in Burma only depend on how soon the UN could intervene and how far and effective all of its neighboring countries could cooperate with international community.

Source : http://blog.nationmultimedia.com/zawhtooaung


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