Universal Mass Distraction

Dear Aunty,

I like your latest one  “Famous Writer Flam”.  What a amusing and surreal to me !

And what a coincidence again!  I found dark-skinned (smart) gal in more than one place these days.  Here again in your story. Another dark-skinned gal is one of the important character of “Freedom” , the fiction recently I finished.

I think your sub conscious was dominated by one of the CNN crew, the dark skinned gal, I think her name is Isha   who sometimes co-presenter in Anderson Cooper 360.

I like your writing style --- specifically,  the way you touched current affairs and news. You lightly stuffed inside your duck (your stories), with right amounts of spices and mints. Perfectly tasteful.

But I don't get what you meant Flam. May be we don't need to understand it. :)


Well... this is my turn Aunty.
After I wasted enough time to read two and a half inches - thick " Freedom( Jonathon Franzen) " , some verses come across to my mind .  Then I simply pen out … Oh.. No… I strike my keyboard. 

Universal Mass Distraction

Love is passive

Lust is active

Desire is massive

But neither of them is lasting.


Sinners are all among

Dark sides are everywhere around.

Blame games are even tougher along.

But Lovers are ready to go wrong.

You know what!
That’s a story of one 
upper middle-class  American family , tangled of middle-aged couple  , their  loves, their teenage kids…and all of their hinder sides in a very large background of colors and complexity.  It was picked up as the best fiction of 2010 , and even applauded by Times magazine as cover story for it's author, Franzen.

It’s such a really descriptive and compelling story. I can’t stop to keep thinking about them--- the lovers and the era.  What’s more is your story,  “the lover” also make me to caught up in a sense of something. 

I can’t help to stop, not bringing anymore to my Word screen. I started writing  my own short story, inspiring them.

 I just can’t help !

P.S. Finalizing my story.  Translation of “ the lover” also going to be finished soon.

With Regards,





Lwin Moe said...

Are you now going to write in English? :) :)

ATN said...

At - Lwin Moe

What do U think?
It dosen't matter write in Burmese nor English...
What the matter is just releasing the feeling.
Other wise.. we all are dead already...

Speaking the truth...

kay said...

I dare not.. LM and KATN. :)
just a humble try.
Nothing else. For me..the reason why I'm writing is... just don't want to kill my thoughts. At least they can alive in somewhere.

emeraldthynn said...

Wow, auntie, truly amazing. i particularly enjoyed the poem. Was it from a book? Where can I get it? Anyway, you have truly amazed me Auntie.